The Net-Tamer Shareware Browser

Net-Tamer is a DOS PPP dial up access program, which requires no TSR packet driver. It will web browse, get/send your email, get/send usenet messages, FTP upload/download a file, TELNET to another internet address, or check the time and date. It is a both robot and a navigator. It will get email and usenet groups, then log off so you can use the included offline reader, or you can choose to stay on and look around. It will also do a download/ upload of mail or usenet on a timer. The program is speech friendly to users of talking programs for the visually impaired.

Finally, the 1.12 release of the 386 version is here. The program now deals with the larger usenet group list and has some minor corrections in the packet level I/O. The XT and PT versions will change as time permits.

NOTE: IRC only works for registered users.

Download the 1.12.1 Release version for 386 & Higher PC's -768k

Download the 1.11.2 Release version for Palm Tops -479k

Download the 1.11.2 Release version for XT/286's & non-HP PDA's -486k

Download the 1.13 Beta version. It requires a 386 or 486 with a Math Co-Processor Or a Pentium Class computer. This version does not have a graphics mode! It is text only. Experience users only, please.

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