Useful Programs To Use With Net-Tamer

Freeware For Use With Nettamer

Try the Net-Tamer Encryption Tool: THE KAOS ENGINE. 21,997 Bytes

     Updated July 13, 1996. Not compatible with previous version.

     Scrambles Messages and Files With a Pass Phrase of Up To 160 Characters.

A sorting Utility for Address.lst or NTTAGS.DAT 21,280 Bytes

     This is a new version as of 11/02/96. If you are on a 386 and higher,

     it will use XMS if available, so the size limit for files is quiet

     large. Even if you are using an HP100/200 or XT, you should be able

     to sort sequential files of up to 512 entries for every 64k of free

     memory and up to 256 entries for every 64k of free memory for the

     nttags.dat file.

     Duplicates are deleted and the old file is renamed to *.old. To use,

     just type sortit filename.ext you may include an optional path.

     Sequential files are those delimited by a line feed - carriage return

     pair and the program assumes that no line is over 128 characters.

     There is no doc file and this is freeware.

BINHEX DECODER (For everyone with MacIntosh Friends). 19344 Bytes.

     HEX2BIN is a BINHEX Decoder. Binhex is the MacIntosh Answer to

     UUENCODE. Some people who use Netscape will accidentally send a

     binary file in email this way. No doc. Just save the offending

     message to a text file and then go to a dos prompt and type:

     HEX2BIN filename.ext

     where filename is the text file you saved the binhex file to.

     Be careful! The binhex protocol specifies a save file name and

     I do not check to see if this file already exists! No doc file

     and I declare this to be freeware.

An HTML to Text Converter 25,777 Bytes

A tagline starter file 36,563 Bytes

Other Net-Tamer Freeware support programs, by Tom Burleigh.

Shareware Programs Which Work With Net-Tamer

The Breeze Text Editor With Built In Spell Checker. 315,776 Bytes.

The GD Spell Spell Checker With Optional text editor. 422,376 Bytes.

The ShareSpell Spell Checker (Stand Alone). 237,092 Bytes.

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